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Bit and Bridle Fitting: Only Properly Fitting or also Biomechanical? with Géraldine Vandevenne

Sunday 25th February 2024 @ 14:00 HRS GMT

What’s is bridle fitting? Only properly fitting or also biomechanical fitting? with with Géraldine Vandevenne.

Greater awareness is being placed on bridle and bit fit. Most of the time, if we speak about bit and bridle fitting we immediatly think about a correct size of bit, headpiece, but we don’t always think about the impact of the bit and the bridle on the locomotion of the horse!

It’s not only about welfare because with properly fitted tack the horses will be already more comfortabel but it’s also about the impact of the tack on the locomotion and behaviour of the horse. At the same time, we have a lot of horses struggling with lameness issues and they need more than other horses adapted tack. This 2-hour talk will discuss bit and bridle fit from a practical perspective. For all attendees, CPD certificates available as well as a “view only” recording of the webinar with a 30-day access pass. There will also be a Q and A session with ample opportunity to post questions via our interactive Q&A panel.


Géraldine Vandevenne

Geraldine was born in Belgium with a passion for horses since childhood. My grandfather was a horse trainer. First working in the medical world then studying to be a horse dentist. From the beginning, I had a lot of questions about bits. From my practice as a horse dentist, I started to follow a lot of courses about horses and I’m still learning. I followed the first courses, 10 years ago, about bit and bridle fitting in The Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and got in contact with a lot of searchers about this subject. I started a school teaching bit and bridle fitting in 2017 in France, still busy and open for international students.