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As well as the free content in the education zone, you can also register for webinars and online courses which Centaur Biomechanics delivers and hosts. Through Dr. Russell MacKechnie-Guire’s extensive collaborations and connections, we offer world class CPD and education direct to your laptop.

Broadcast across the word, the webinars are high quality and evidence based with an applied application. All delegates receive a 14-day access to the webinar recording, CPD certificates and live Q&A. The Centaur platform is becoming renowned for providing some of the best online educational opportunities.

Bit and Bridle Fitting: Only Properly Fitting or also Biomechanical? with Géraldine Vandevenne

Sunday 25th February 2024 @ 14:00 HRS GMT

What’s isbridle fitting? Only properly fitting or also biomechanical fitting? with with Géraldine Vandevenne. Greater awareness is being placed on bridle and bit fit. Most of the time, if we speak about bit and bridle fitting we immediatly think about a correct size of bit, headpiece, but we don’t always think about the impact of the bit and the bridle on the locomotion of the horse!

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Myofascial Kinetic Lines on the Equine Head – Affected by Training and the Bridle and Related to Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Dr. Rikke Schultz

Sunday 3rd March 2024 @ 14:00 HRS GMT

Most of the Myofascial Kinetic Lines attach on the head and can therefore be affected by the bridle and the training position of the head and neck. The anatomy and the lines of the head will be presented and the pressure points of the bridle taken into consideration to understand how it can affect the head locally but also the whole spine. The lines also surrounds the temporo-mandibular joints (TMJ) so if there are problems affecting that, it can manifest as loss of subtleness in the gaits. The attachments of the deep lines to the cranium can affects the cerebrospinal fluid and should be considered in cranio-sacral therapy.

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Motor Control, and What Part Does It Play in Equine Rehabilitation? With Dr Nicole Rombach

Saturday 9th March 2024 @ 10:00 HRS GMT

What is motor control, and what part does motor control play in equine rehabilitation? with Dr Nicole Rombach Rehabilitation of equine injury and movement dysfunction includes the science of motor control. The focus of neuromotor retraining is to restore optimal locomotion, using the brain’s ability to organise movement.

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Welfare Parameters in Horse Sport; Oral Lesions as an Example with Mette Uldahl

Thursday 4th April 2024 @ 19:00 HRS BST

Welfare parameters in horse sport; oral lesions as an example with Mette Uldahl We try to govern horse welfare in horse sport by assessing various parameters like noseband tightness and lesions from spurs and use of bit. Also, we have regulations concerning permitted designs for tack. Does this governance work from an evidence-based perspective?

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Birth Trauma in Foals and Asymmetry with Dr Ian Bidstrup

Thursday 11TH April 2024 @ 19:00 HRS BST

Birth trauma in foals and asymmetry with Dr Ian Bidstrup Substantial research surrounds the occurrence of trauma to foals during the transit through the birth canal. During this webinar we will explore the related research and discuss how that could explain various common clinical pain and spinal mobility dysfunction findings in newborn foals through to geriatric horses.

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