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Centaur Biomechanics is passionate about the sharing and dissemination of scientific findings in order to help advance knowledge of horse owners and professionals. With a growing body of evidence, this information can be used to help improve our understanding, and ultimately improve the welfare, health and performance of the ridden horse. Below is a list of articles which Centaur Biomechanics has written in national and international magazines. We hope you enjoy the articles which span a wide range of areas. 


British Dressage - Back Stability

Your Horse - Equine Gait Analysis

British Dressage - Rider Upper Body Mechanics

Trainer Magazine -Girth Fit for Race Horses

British Horse Society - Are You Sitting Comfortably?

British Horse Society - Hacking Biomechanics

British Dressage - Straight Talking

Horse and Hound - Thermal Research

Horse and Hound - Rider Biomechanics Research

Horse and Hound - Half Pad Research

Trainer Magazine - Half Pads

Trainer Magazine - Yearling Roller Fit for Race Horses

Trainer Magazine - Saddle Fit for Race Horses

Trainer Magazine - Bridle Fit for Race Horses

Your Horse Magazine - Position

Intelligent Horsemanship Magazine

British Horse Society

Horse and Hound - Roller Research

Your Horse Magazine - Rider Conference 3

Horse and Hound - A Day in the Life Of

Your Horse Magazine - Rider Conference 2

Your Horse Magazine - Riding without Stirrups

Your Horse Magazine - Lune Exercises

Horse and Hound - Breastplate Research

Kmmari Allatorovs - Equine Sports Science

Your Horse - Posture Perfect

British Dressage - Preparing for Success

Horses and People

Your Horse Magazine - Fine Tune your Schooling

Your Horse Magazine - Training Academy

British Dressage - Equine Sports Science

British Dressage - Rider Confidence

Your Horse - Amazing Horses

British Dressage - Joint Health

Horse and Hound - Ask the Expert

Your Horse Magazine - Mounting

Horse and Hound 360 Treatment

British Dressage - Mind Over Matter

British Dressage - Science and Saddles

Horse and Hound - Canter Mechanics

Horse and Hound - Technology

British Dressage - Mind Over Matter

Horses and People

Horse and Hound - London 2012

Horse and Hound

Your Horse Magazine - How To Improve Your Position

Your Horse Magazine - Canter Mechanics

Your Horse Magazine 3

Your Horse Magazine 2

Your Horse Magazine 1

Horse and Hound - Gait Analysis

Horse and Hound - Gait Analysis No:2

Horse and Hound - Gait Analysis

Horse and Hound - Pammy Hutton

British Eventing - Performance Analysis

Horse and Hound 2008

Equestrian Trade News 2007