Objectivity app


Analyse, evaluate and improve your performances with Objectivity - a user friendly video analysis app. Video analysis is used by athletes in all sports as a means to help improve performance and make marginal gains; video analysis is a proven method to help optimise performance. It is widely recognised that athletes can only recall certain amounts of information relating to their performance. Using video analysis, users can look at their performance in detail - with their coach, parents and friends - and make changes leading to improved performance.  Objectivity is a user friendly app which allows you to video, store, analyse and share your performances.

Objectivity (designed for equestrians) allows riders to improve their riding, position, training and horse’s way of going, as well as providing an easy tool for therapists, farriers and saddlers to evaluate, store and compare horses.

Objectivity’s easy navigation allows users to:

  • Capture videos 1t 60 and 120 Hz (iPhone dependent)
  • Record up to 60 minutes of footage
  • Play videos side by side in vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Play back videos in slow motion
  • Scroll videos to specific points
  • Synchronize two videos
  • Take still pictures of both videos
  • Edit pictures with vertical and horizontal lines
  • Save pictures using a personalised “label”
  • Store images (before and after / pre and post) in the App library
  • Share images with trainer, coach, therapist, saddler 

Riders can evaluate their:

  • Riding position – from the rear view, how straight are they sitting
  • Horse’s way of going – replay training sessions
  • Dressage tests – with your sheet review your dressage test – identify where marks were won and lost
  • Jumping rounds – evaluate jumping rounds – turns, lines and balance

For the Coach:

  • Quickly evaluate performance – video and analyse
  • Clarify performances – help aid the rider’s understanding by videoing and then showing them.
  • Quickly compare using the split screen i.e. one jump position versus another or left canter versus right canter.