Centaur Biomechanics has been commissioned for many research projects from leading companies, covering a variety of topics related to horse and rider performance and soundness. A large proportion of Centaur's research has been based around saddle fit and design working closely with Mark Fisher, who operates the Pliance pressure mapping system for the Society of Master Saddlers and British Equestrian Federation. We have completed 73 projects working with various manufacturers to help adjust and improve saddle fit and help understand the relationship between saddle fit and horse's movement. In 2010 Centaur formed part of the research team behind the Fairfax Performance Girth, termed Team GB's Secret Weapon at the London 2012 games. As well as these projects Centaur has carried out studies looking at rider's position, surfaces, massage systems, studs and training aids.


Centaur's research has become internationally respected with publications in Equine Veterinary Journal, poster and oral presentations at international equine conferences, as well as national magazines. The protocols, systems and practice we employ have been scientifically validated and approved. If you have a research idea or would like to scientifically test a product, please contact info@centaurbiomechanics.co.uk, where we will be happy to discuss, in confidence, your project details.


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