Centaur 2016 Rider Conference Line Up Announced

22-December-2015 21:31
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Improve your Riding & Confidence Conference V4

25th and 26th June 2015

Moulton College, Northants, UK.


We are delighted to announce details of next year’s “Improve your Riding & Confidence Conference V4”. After the success of the previous conferences the pressure has been on to deliver an even better line up and I am confident we have achieved this. The 2016 rider conference is set to be even bigger and better and yet completely different to previous years. We wanted to maintain the fun, relaxed environment- which our conferences seems to create- yet offering some of the best educational advice available from internationally renowned speakers and trainers.


The “Improve your Riding & Confidence Conference V4” will be taking a different slant from previous years. We have recruited world class trainers and speakers all geared to offer the audience tips and advice on how to improve their riding and confidence. The theme of the conference is looking at what it takes to produce and train a horse from a baby through to an Olympic prospect and then looking at ways to optimize the horse and working as a team in order to optimize welfare, soundness and performance. The 2016 conference will be high octane and fully interactive with a great combination of real life examples and scenarios guaranteeing something for everyone. Below is a list of speakers along with key topics to be covered.


We have a mix of theory and practical demonstrations. However, new for 2016 is our interactive “Carousel of Work Shops” - 5 stations with leading experts.  In small groups the audience will be able to move from station to station and get a hands on experience with the chance to ask detailed questions specific to themselves.


  • Andrew Hoy, an Olympic-level equestrian rider, who competes for Australia. The London2012 Summer Olympics were his seventh games.He has won four Olympic medals- three gold and one silver. Andrew will be demonstrating the methods used to produce an Olympic Horse – from a young horse through the levels. Andrew will be showcasing flat work exercises as well as jumping exercises all designed to improve the confidence, way of going and performance at all levels of training. Andrew will also be bringing a selection of horses which he will ride to further demonstrate his training and use of exercises.


  • Judy Harvey, International Dressage Rider, List 1 Judge, BBC commentator and international trainer. Judy will be demonstrating the scales of training for a young dressage horse through to advanced. She will also discuss warm up techniques and offer the audience the chance to judge a dressage test alongside herself and, with video feedback, compare marks – a great exercise to improve test riding.


  • Russell Guire, researcher and founder of Centaur Biomechanics, will be discussing his latest research looking at horse and rider interaction, projects looking at saddle slippage, rider’s seat pressure, new “Smart Phone” technology which can measure rider positioning and much more. As well as this, Russell will be doing a demonstration of the effect that the rider has on the horse and discussing the rider’s most common weaknesses, offering tips on how to improve.



  • Dr Rachel Murray, a leading researcher, BEF Consultant and orthopedic Vet and surgeon at the Animal Health Trust. Dr Murray specializes in orthopedics and sports horse performance problems and will be providing a fascinating insight, with two presentations and an interactive work shop, in to  veterinary science and offer you tips and advice on how to improve your horses health and performance. Dr Murray will also be running one of the “Carousel of Work Shops” where the audience will be able to learn how to look at horses for conformation and lameness and general posture.


  • Lindsay Wilcox- Reid – Lindsay founder of Equi-Pilates, Pilates for riders will be running one of the “Carousel of Work Shops” demonstrating exercises which you can do to help improve your core and position.


  • Ben Benson, BEF and Excel Farrier, Ben will give an interactive talk highlighting the importance of correct shoeing and offering advice on all things hoof related- what different types of shoes do, the equine limb, the hoof capsule, the effect of different surfaces and much more. Ben will also be running a “Carousel of Work Shops” on “How to Work with your Farrier” this is a great chance to look at what the farrier is looking at and will offer you tips and advice on key signs which you can feedback to your farrier in order to help.


  • Helen Mathie, chartered veterinary physiotherapist, will be looking at the horse, in particular exercises to improve the horse’s core and suppleness with exercises and poles. As well as this Helen will be displaying the pros and cons of various training aids.


  • Mark Fisher, BEF Saddler and SMS Master Saddler, Mark will be running one of the “Carousel of Work Shops” discussing the saddle in detail, from what is inside the saddle, the twist, where the saddle should sit and what happens if the saddle doesn’t fit.


  • Dentistry, what is inside the horse’s mouth, what is the importance of dentistry, how does the bit sit? These are some of the questions which will be answered during the British Association Of Equine Dental Technicians “Carousel of Work Shops”



I have attached the timetable of events where you will be able to see which ones are lectures and which ones are practicals, as well as the “Carousel of Work Shops”.  Similar to previous year’s conferences we have chosen to balance the two days with theory and practical. For the ridden demonstrations we will be using a variety of horses from riding club through to advanced to showcase a wide range of areas on which to focus.


We hope that you will be able to join us on 25th and 26th June 2016 for what we believe is set to be an educational, inspirational and motivational two days.  

Further information, directions, hotel information and tickets can be found online @ http://www.centaurbiomechanics.co.uk/rider-conference/