Great Time in Canada

14-April-2015 21:02
in General
by Admin

Centaur has just returned home from a great trip to Canada. Centaur kicked of the 2015 Canadian Tour with 2 day of biomechanics training with Dr Andrea Sargenet who will be running a sattelite research project later this year. Following this Centaur spoke at CAN AM Expo 3 day conference and delievered 6 presentations detailing the mechanics of the horse and rider offering tips on way's to improve soundness etc. This ws then followed by a 1 day biomechanics course working with rider's, trainers, horse owners and therapists etc. This was then followed by a 2 day rider biomechanics clinic which concluded the trip. As you can see it was a jam packed trip which was great fun and a huge privalege to be able to spread our work. We have already started planning 2016 trip along with the possibility of bring our rider conference to North America...:)