2015 Rider Conference - Details Announced

01-December-2014 21:49
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Improve your Riding & Confidence Conference V3

27th & 28th June 2015

Moulton College, Northants, UK. http://www.centaurbiomechanics.co.uk/rider-conference/


We are delighted to announce details of next year’s “Improve your Riding & Confidence Conference V3”, 27th and 28th June 2015. After this year’s success the pressure has been on to deliver an even better line up and I am confident we have achieved this. Next year’s conference is set to be even bigger and better and yet completely different. We wanted to maintain the fun, relaxed environment, which our conferences seems to create, yet offering some of the best educational advice available from internationally renowned speakers and trainers.


The “Improve your Riding & Confidence Conference V3” will be taking a different slant from this year, where we looked at dressage and dressage training. Next year we will be looking at the all-round rider – something for everyone. Below is a list of speakers along with key topics to be covered.



•             Lisa Ashton – Lisa, founder of Equi Science, will be speaking about equine behaviour and classical versus modern training methods. She will also be presenting the latest research in equine behaviour and its relationship within training and riders.

•             Julia Scott Douglas – As requested from this year’s feedback, Julia will be speaking about rider nutrition and will be providing an interactive talk discussing what riders are eating and drinking.

•             Lindsey Wilcox Reid – Lindsey, founder of Equi-Pilates, Pilates for riders, will be demonstrating exercises you can do to help improve your core and position.

•             Yogi Breisner – We are delighted to have Yogi Breisner for the afternoon, firstly to speak about “Behind the scenes, preparing for the Olympics,” then to showcase 3 training sessions where he will work with novice horses and riders and demonstrate a series of exercises to help improve  the balance and confidence of both. Following on from this will be two further sessions culminating in the end goal of producing a well-balanced horse and rider ready for competition. Yogi, team manager for GBR Event team, is a fabulous presenter with a vast array of exercises, which everyone will be able to implement in some way.



•             Adelinde Cornelissen Fitness and Psychology Coaches – Back by popular demand, the amazing team of Adelinde Cornelissen Fitness and Psychology coaches will be with us for 3 sessions. Different from last year, these guys will bring new information and exercises plus they have asked to do a demonstration using horses and riders – given the high energy of last year’s conference we cannot wait to see what they have planned.

•             Helen Mathie  - As requested from this year’s feedback, Helen will be returning, this time looking at the horse and in particular the crooked horse and discussing what causes what – is it the rider or do horses arrive crooked?

•             Russell will also be doing a practical demonstration of rider biomechanics supported by Mark Fisher, who will be doing a practical look at saddle design and seat shape, plus showcasing our research techniques featuring Pliance, Rein Gauges and motion analysis.

•             Dr Amanda Owens - For the afternoon we will have our traditional psychology session, this time with a former top 100 tennis player who is now a leading sports psychologist. Featuring in several documentaries and supporting athletes at the highest level, Dr Owens will bring a wealth of information which riders will be able to use and apply to help improve their confidence and lower anxiety, in order to improve their riding and results.


I have attached the timetable of events where you will be able to see which ones are lectures and which ones are practical’s. Similar to this year we have chosen to balance the two days with theory and practical. For the ridden demonstrations we will be using a variety of horses, from riding club through to advanced, to showcase a wide range of areas on which to focus.


We hope that you will be able to join us on 27th and 28th June 2015 for what we believe is set to be an educational, inspirational and motivational two days. Early bird tickets are now available online until February 1st with priority being given to Centaur Family members, of which you are one!


Further information, directions, hotel information and tickets can be found online http://www.centaurbiomechanics.co.uk/rider-conference/