Centaur Biomechanics 2020 Equine Sports Science Seminar 

Improving Equine Health and Performance 

Saturday 3rd October 2020

Hartpury College, Gloucester, UK



2020 Seminar Programme 


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Tickets have been suspended in light of COVID-19.

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Our annual equine sports science seminar facilitates the sharing of some of the latest evidence and research currently within equine sports science and medicine. This seminar provides some of the latest thinking and approaches associated with the management of the horse from a veterinary, therapy and performance perspective. Previously, the seminar has welcomed world-leading researchers Prof. Renate Weller, Dr Richard Coombes, Prof Hilary Clayton, Prof. Lars Roepstorff, Dr Rachel Murray and Sharon May Davis and has attracted delegates from all over the world. This year’s seminar welcomes international renowned researchers Dr. Nicole Rombach and Dr. Sarah Jane Hobbs.

This year’s seminar is of interest to veterinarians, therapists, farriers, horse owners and those who are interested in furthering their knowledge, equipping themselves with some of the latest research in order to optimise best practice.


This years seminar brings some of the latest research in equine sports science and medicine.

  • Functional anatomy and biomechanics of the equine spinal column - Part 1 - Dr. Nicole Rombach 
  • Functional anatomy and biomechanics of the equine spinal column – Part 2 - Dr. Nicole Rombach
  • Pathology of the equine spinal column - Dr. Nicole Rombach
  • A comparison between thermal activity of the thoracic region and saddle pressure distribution beneath the saddle in a group of non-lame sports horses - Dr. Russell MacKechnie-Guire
  • When the hoof meets the ground - The interaction between the horse and the ground, transmission of forces through the limbs and factors that influence the horse’s performance - Dr. Sarah Jane Hobbs
  • Motor control in equine core strength training: scientific and therapeutic perspectives - Dr. Nicole Rombach
  • Managing the horses balance - The latest research on how horses control their balance and strategies that improve self-carriage and collection Dr. Sarah Jane Hobbs




 Images from previous Equine Sports Science Seminar