Clinics, Courses and Demonstrations

We offer courses and clinics in the UK, Canada, Italy, Latvia and Germany. Please scroll down for further information.


Equine Biomechanics Courses

Centaur offers a variety of courses which are designed to improve your understanding of the mechanics of the horse and rider. These courses are of interest to anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge of how horses move, perform and function in an attempt to maintain soundness and improve performance. These courses are open to riders, trainers, therapists and anyone who wishes to improve their understanding. We pride ourselves on delivering a unique learning experience, which is educational, within a relaxed atmosphere. All our courses are supported with course packs, interactive lectures and practicals, high-speed footage taken from key events such as London 2012, Badminton Horse Trials, HOYS and many other events, full-size skeleton and certificates.

We are delighted since 2012 we have been providing courses for leading industry organisations such as The Society of Master Saddlers, ACPAT and Equine Massage Academy. To ensure we deliver a high-quality course we ask all course participants for their feedback, including providing us with an overall course score - we are delighted that all of our courses in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 scored above 9.88 / 10. 

Please look below at the various courses we have to offer, along with course reviews and scores.



Equine Biomechanics Courses and Rider Conference   Date Venue 


Incl VAT

To Book
2 Day Biomechanics Course - Back Biomechanics and Saddle Fitting Weekend Course (Download Course Guide) 29th and 30th June 2019 Centaur Biomechanics, Moreton Morrell £300.00 FULL
1 Day Biomechanics Course - Improving Welfare, Soundness & Performance (Download Course Guide) 19 July 2019 Whitegate Farm Livery & Training Centre Lower Mountain Road Hope Flintshire LL12 9RW £110.00
2 Day Biomechanics Course - Back Biomechanics and Saddle Fitting Weekend Course (Download Course Guide) 17th &18th August 2019 Woolcroft Saddlery, Wisbech, UK £300.00 FULL
Centaur Biomechanics Rider Workshop (Download Course Guide) 22 September 2019 Unicorn Trust, Glouc £60.00
One Day Biomechanics Course (Download Course Guide) 29th September 2019 Centaur Biomechanics, Moreton Morrell £110.00
2 Day Biomechanics Course - Back Biomechanics and Saddle Fitting Weekend Course (Download Course Guide) 12th - 13th October 2019 Centaur Biomechanics, Moreton Morrell £300.00
Equine Sports Science Seminar with Sharon May Davis (Download Course Guide) 19th October 2019 Hartpury College, Gloucester, UK £115.00




Cancellation Policy

Full refunds are given when spaces are cancelled with at least one month's notice before the start of the course/seminar/conference.

If cancelled within one month of the course/seminar/ conference date no refunds are given unless space is filled.

Please note that the 2 Day October course may be used for course transfers from the current year and therefore may have a maximum number of 20 students.





Rider Clinics and Demonstrations

Centaur works with riders all over the world: UK, Latvia, Canada, Italy, Germany and Columbia. The rider analysis clinics are designed to help riders improve their position and the horse's way of going. Please see rider analysis page for more details. Clinics are usually run by an organiser - please email to register your interest and we will pass on your details to the relevant organiser.




Rider Analysis Clinic   24 July 19 tba
Rider Analysis Clinic   1 Aug 19 Burghley Pony  Club
Rider Analysis Clinic   8 Aug 19 Bradfield, Berkshire
Rider Analysis Clinic   10 Aug 19 Kent
Rider Analysis Clinic   11 Aug 19 Abbey Farm, Bedfordshire
SMS Refresher Conference    12 Aug 19 Moulton College SMS
Rider Analysis Clinic   14 Aug19 Norton Livery
Rider Analysis Clinic   25 Aug 19 Wonton Under Edge
Rider Analysis Clinic   26 Aug 19 Easton, Norwich
Rider Analysis Clinic   5 Sept 19 Norton Livery
Rider Analysis Clinic   6 Sept 19 West Sussex
Rider Analysis Clinic   7 Sept 19 Kent
Rider Analysis Clinic   8 Sept 19 Marden
Rider Analysis Clinic   10 Sept 19 Bury St Edmunds, SUFFOLK
Rider Analysis Clinic   18 Sept 19 tba
Rider Analysis Clinic   19 Sept 19 Dorset (closed clinic)
Rider Analysis Clinic   20 Sept 19 DORSET
Rider Analysis Clinic   8 Oct 19  TBA
Rider Analysis Clinic   9-10 Oct 19 Wyevalley Riding Club PLUS EVE TALK ON 9TH
RDA Conference   14 Oct 19 Lowlands Eq. Centre RDA HQ
Rider Analysis Clinic   17 Oct 19 tba
Rider Analysis Clinic   20 Oct 19 Wonton Under Edge
RDA Conference    23 Oct 19 Ingliston Eq. Centre, Glasgow RDA HQ


Trade Shows

We regularly attend trade shows - if you are visiting please call by and chat to the Centaur team

Centaur Rider Conference - June

Trailblazers - July

BD Nationals - September 

Burghley Horse Trials - September

Your Horse Live - November

BD Convention - November