**A weekend focusing on improving the rider**

2017 Improve your Riding & Confidence Conference V5


Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June 2017

Moulton College, Northants, UK 

Both Days

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June 2012

BHS, Pony Club, BD and BE Members Discount (£180.00)


Both Days

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June 2012 (£220.00)


Saturday  10 June 2017 (ONLY) (£120.00)


Sunday 11 June 2017 (ONLY) (£120.00)




Conference Programme 2017 


Thankyou to our 2017 suppourters


2 days of interactive presentations and demostrations dedicated to improving the rider’s riding and confidence 

Internationally renowned speakers presenting a range of lectures, demonstrations and interactive work stations


The Centaur Biomechanics’ Rider Conference provides a unique experience where riders, coaches and trainers can improve their riding, coaching and training by accessing some of the latest research, listening to internationally renowned speakers and observing internationally respected trainers working with a selection of horses and riders. Now in its fifth year, the rider conference has attracted delegates from all over the world and prides itself on delivering a unique, inspirational, motivational and educational weekend where riders and coaches can upskill and improve their riding, coaching and performance. The weekend is open to riders and coaches of all levels.

Previous audiences have had the privilege of watching master classes from Andrew Hoy - seven time Olympian; Judy Harvey - BBC Commentator and International dressage trainer, judge and rider and Yogi Breisner - Former performance manager to the British Eventing team. This year is no different. We are delighted that we have Gareth Hughes (European bronze medallist, World silver medallist and internationally renowned trainer and rider) with us for a series of master classes, and Charlie Unwin (Performance Psychologist and ex-world class pentathlete who has worked with a number of top athletes), supported by interactive presentations and demonstrations on rider hydration, rider fitness, rider Pilates, how the bit and bridle affects performance, rider physiotherapy, research including the effect that the roller, rider and half pad has on horse locomotion and the latest in rider breast support– it’s going to be a fantastic, information filled weekend.


Gareth Hughes will be doing a series of master classes, aimed at inspiring and providing useful tips from which riders and coaches of all levels can benefit. Gareth will be discussing how to improve the suppleness in the horse, differences in training a dressage horse versus an event horse andexercises which apply to the cob compared to the grand prix dressage horse. Gareth will be doing a ridden master class showcasing his training approach and methods throughout the various stages of training.


Lorna Cameron will be presenting her research looking at the impact that breast support has on the rider’s position and posture. Banish the bounce is an exciting new area focusing on providing the female rider with greater support thus improving riding and position.


Russell Guire will be presenting new research looking at the effect that a training roller and various training aids have on equine locomotion, as well as the effect that using a ½ pad has on the horse’s back. Russell will also be presenting research looking at how the rider interacts with the horse, highlighting the rider’s perceptions versus objective measures. He will showcase how to improve the rider’s position using 30 lunge exercises.


Dr Tracey Crook will be discussing how to manage the injured rider and discussing exercises to help manage, improve and maintain stability in the rider after trauma.


Charlie Unwin will be presenting a series of interactive workshops providing useful tips and exercise on how to optimise the rider’s “thinking process” in order to optimise performance. From the thoughts that tell us that we are no good to the thoughts we experience before we compete, Charlie will be able to provide workable solutions which will help manage these and improve our mental strength.


On the Sunday afternoon we have our popular carousel session, in small groups these interactive sessions allow delegates to gets hands on experience, ask questions and discuss key areas which are specific to the rider’s environment.


Equi-Pilates will be running through a series of exercises which you can do at home to help improve your posture and riding.


Diana Fisher will be discussing her work looking at how the bit and bridle affects the horse, how the horse’s head can be asymmetrical thus affecting the balance of the bridle and providing solutions to help improve the fit and comfort of the bridle.


Active Rider will be checking your fitness and providing you with exercises to help improve your core stability and getting you fit to ride.


Riders Rations will be discussing what to put in or take out when making smoothies and what essential kit you need in your lorry to ensure you are fuelled and hydrated for riding.


Dr Tracey Crook will help you become your horse’s gym buddy by demonstrating 7 exercises you can do to improve your horse’s posture.


The Rider Conference is aimed at riders and coaches of all levels and will provide you with a weekend filled with inspiration and information which will unquestionably improve your riding, coaching and performance. Please read through articles from British Dressage, Your Horse Magazine and Horses and People Magazine.


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"This Weekend will Improve your Riding, Inspire You and is a Must for ALL Riders"