NEW Visualise Jacket GBR Colours

25-August-2015 21:54
in General
by Admin

Very excited that we have launched our new GBR Coloured Visualise jacket. 


The patented Visualise range has been designed by Russell Guire, founder of Centaur Biomechanics, which is a leading UK equestrian biomechanics company specialising in horse and rider performance. Through Russell’s work, Visualise was designed and tested in 2011 and is being used by riders and trainers all over the world. The simple yet effective design allows riders and trainers to see at a glance any positional weaknesses and as a result make corrections and improve the rider's position. Since the launch, Visualise has seen the development of additional products and more recently the Visualise training reins which have proved very effective. As a company, Visualise's goal is to design innovative products which can help riders and trainers of all levels improve their riding and horse's way of going.